PSP offers instruction and application of advance techniques of the Clean & Jerk and Snatch to develop muscular strength and power. Our coaches will emphasize proper technique, methods and loading to maximize lifts. Lifters will see flexibility, coordination, change of direction, power and rate of force development. We understand and the sport requires muscle synchronization, balance, and flexibility but also speed, strength and metabolic development.


I can’t imagine where I’d be without PSP. With all the help of all the coaches, I have been able to crush my personal goals in a positive and inspiring atmosphere. People from all different backgrounds, from beginners to professional athletes, walk through the doors all the one thing in common - to work hard and become better. My only wish is that I would have found this place sooner.
— Rob Hamilton
I have been weightlifting with the Pro Sports Performance family for over two years and I cannot say enough about PSP. Having been involved in athletics and training most of my life, I have come to believe that three of the most important factors in the development of any athlete include (1) environment, (2) coaching, and (3) programming. Pro Sports gets all three of these correct in every aspect. From day one, they welcomed me into their “family” and I can honestly say that every day I walk into their facility, I am met with a smile and a greeting from the coaches. It’s this type of action and care that have helped to create a positive environment in which athletes and coaches alike are invested in everyone’s success and development. PSP is the complete package. I am thrilled to be a part of the PSP community and literally look forward to each day that I get to train with the PSP team.
— Ryan Snyder
About a year and a half into my weightlifting career I decided to search for a new coach and a new place to call home. I found that the minute I walked into Pro Sports Performance. I was greeted by every coach and every member and they were so excited to have me there. Weightlifting head coach, Reggie Hodges and I clicked instantly and I knew it would be a great fit and just the thing I needed to pursue my dreams. Reggie has the ability to catch even the most minute things and be able to articulate exactly what he needs you to do in order to fix it properly. Weightlifting is my happy place and has helped me develop skills and a mentality that I can use not only in the gym but in life as well. Of course you need to be physically strong but you also need to be mentally strong as well. PSP has helped me become physically and mentally strong and to be able to chase after my dreams fearlessly. Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
— Alyssa Lee
PSP allows me to become a better me. Olympic lifting has given me a forum to focus on myself, outside of my family and my career. Reggie and all the coaches at PSP help every day in making me a better lifter. But, what they may not realize is the positive impact that it has in all the other areas of my life. They have helped me to build confidence in myself and to believe in myself. They aren’t just coaches, they are my friends and my family.
— Kelly Tilley
Joining PSP, my lifts showed improvement immediately. Coming to weightlifting is the best part of my week. I have such a good time lifting but also being with all of the friends I’ve made here.
— Cheryl Chentilla