Performance Training for Athletes

Performance Training for Athletes

There is no "off-season" for the elite athlete, so Pro Sports Performance offers an exceptional environment and training program to help YOU reach your full athletic potential.

Elite Training Programs

For the youth, high school, collegiate, and professional athlete interested in taking their talents to the next level, Pro Sports Performance offers on-field speed & agility, strength, and power fundamentals training. On-field training develops sprint mechanics, multi-directional speed, agility, quickness, explosiveness, and power. Weight room and strength training is designed for each individual athlete based on the specifics of their sport. Athletes training under the Pro Sports Performance program are challenged in every session to take their skill set to the next level.

Speed Program

  • Designed for male & female athletes

  • Speed and sprint mechanics

  • Linear speed and acceleration

  • Agility and first-step quickness

  • Acceleration and deceleration

  • Multi-directional agility

  • Lateral quickness

  • Explosive power

  • Reaction

  • Sport and position specific training

Strength Program

  • Designed for male and female athletes

  • Lower and Upper body power and strength

  • Maximal strength

  • Explosive strength

  • Flexibility, mobility, and stability

  • Muscular balance

  • Core strength

  • Sport and position specific strength and conditioning

  • Injury prevention

Training for Youth Athletes (Ages 7-11)

Pro Sports Performance offers programs for young athletes designed to teach the proper running form, basic weightlifting mechanics, and fundamental movement skills. Athletes will learn coordination, proper posture, and specific movements that translate to their chosen sport. The training sessions are fun, instructional, and provide a foundation in movement and skills these young athletes can build on as they progress through their athletic career.

  • Classes grouped by age

  • Speed and sprint mechanics

  • Agility and first-step quickness

  • Flexibility, mobility, and stability

  • Coordination

  • Muscular balance and core strength

  • Injury prevention

  • Mind and body awareness

  • Education and building self-confidence

  • Sport and position specific conditioning


Team Training

We know that Building a championship team starts in the offseason. PSP offers a team training experience that covers speed, agility  and strength. Contact us today to see how we can help add to your championship ways either in-house or you can have PSP come to you!

Personal Training

Want more accountability and to go deeper into your training?  Contact one of our trainers for a one-on-one in sport, speed, and performance training. They will develop a specific program for your goals and needs to take your training to another level.




I’ve enjoyed my days at PSP first, because of the atmosphere, and secondly because the excitement and intensity brought to every workout really pushes you. Lastly and most importantly, they make me believe in myself and that I can get through anything.

My time at PSP gave me the opportunity to get better as an athlete and prepare for college. To all future athletes, if you want to better yourself and take your game to the next level, PSP is the place for you!
— Alex Uhas
No matter what the sport, PSP will benefit you through strength, speed, and agility, and that will be seen immediately
— Emily Kahn
In addition to developing speed and strength, training with PSP has helped my kids develop confidence for sport and life. My family loves PSP!
— Ryan Snyder
PSP Provides a fun, disciplined environment along with awesome coaches to teach the basics of agilities and strength training. I highly recommend it for all young athletes.
— Megan Ruggerio

Improving gridiron Greatness

By training at PSP, my overall performance has improved, along with my 40 yard dash time. I’ve also gained 20 pounds during my training. Above all, the PSP team is like a second family to me. From the very beginning, I’ve loved the encouraging atmosphere where everyone helps each other to strive for their best.
— Tyler Zelinski